WordPress 2.0 praise

You know what, I am going to write a post about WordPress 2.0 again. The last time I did that I got 17 comments, which is close to a record, so I finally know how to please my readers.

No seriously, I have to write a post about WordPress 2.0 because I am incredibly stupid. There you go. I am not too afraid to admit it.

The thing is – I installed the new version of Ultimate Tag Warrior on my WordPress 2.0 Bill blog, And that doesn’t need to be a problem. It only is a problem if you are as stupid as I am. I was entering loads of tags, seperating them by spaces (where did I get that idea from ?) in stead of comma’s. Now this is again a “don’t try this at home kids” one (I soon am going to create a separate category for that) . Seperating tags with spaces messes things up. And the worst thing is that I was ignorant enough to post it as a bug on the UTW forum too. And that I blamed WordPress for it of course.

Seperating tags with spaces messes up the new post preview. Seperating tags with spaces makes your tags input field disappear. Separating tags with spaces causes minimized Ajax / AZ / Crystal Palace boxes to open up again next time you edit a post. Seperating tags with spaces nearly caused all the problems I was ranting about wednesday.

So I learned quite a bit today, not the least how high the level of my stupidity actually is. And by actually seperating my tags with comma’s, I am quite the happy WordPress 2.0 user again.

So my apologies to all the people I offended with my ignorance. I can live with the image uploader, and the overcrowded dashboard, well I solved that with a hack.

WordPress 2.0 is great – and the Girl soon wants to be top of the Bill too.

WordPress 2.0 rant

Ok, Bill wanted to be top of the, well, Bill, and his wish is my command so I moved him over to WordPress 2.0, and gave him a new suit. I like men in dark suits. And even more, I like Bill in a dark suit.

Forget about this post – read this instead: WordPress 2.0 Praise

I have been a big fan of WordPress, because I always found it clean and simple. And it’s incredible that you can get this system for free, I am thankful. But WordPress 2.0 has given me too much of a headache already.

But first – useful Things I like:
Upgrading was as easy as 1,2,3
The theme switcher is cool
The Backup your database thingy is nice too.

Not useful Things, but I like them anyway:
I like that the admin section now is blue. (not that it is useful for anything)
I like that WordPress admin now says “Howdy, Ingrid”

Things I don’t like – at all:
The annoying amount of information on the dashboard (it’s still there). I don’t want any feeds there, I only want things there that have to do with my weblog. I read my feeds elsewhere, if I find them interesting that is. (So yes I installed the wp-admin light hack to get rid of it, but it just should not be there, or there should be an option to shut it off !)

I am maybe old fashioned, but I upload my images with FTP. So I don’t want the new upload feature taking up all this space in my post screen, I want an option to shut it off. Just like I can shut off the new WYSIWYG editor (’cause who really wants that, not me).

Well I know that Ajax is the new buzzword, and it is probably smart when used well, but how I hate all those Ajax boxes on the left right of my post screen ! And worse if I minimize them, the next time I enter the post screen they are back !

So what I actually want is an option in WP 2.0 so I can choose the oldstyle WP 1.5 editor in stead of the new one.

The new post preview – I am sorry – I don’t like that either. It doesn’t look nice at all for my template. I want to be able to select the old post preview (as in having an option to shut the new post preview off) and I hate the scrollbars around the post preview.

So if I should sum it up – I should not have upgraded at all, cause it is far more annoying me than actually making me happy.

And why should you at all be interested in knowing all this ? I have no idea, but I feel a bit better now, having it out of my system.

Oh yeah, one last thing that hasn’t anything to do with WordPress – what have I don e wrong Google ? This domain name still can’t be found in Google! I thought Google was my friend.