Love Actually on a wall

Love Actually on a wall
Every day I bike past this anonymous appartmentbuilding, because it is located about 50 meters from where I work. And suddenly one day (about a week or two ago) the building got a bit more interesting. I know that graffitti normally shouldn’t be encouraged, but today I brought my camera, stopped shortly, and here you go. I always have to smile when I pass it.

Love Actually on a wall.

7 thoughts to “Love Actually on a wall”

  1. Ja geweldig! Zo stond bij ons ‘Hoi konijntje’ onder een brug. Daar werd ik altijd vrolijk van.

  2. Ik kreeg helemaal zin om ’em weer te gaan kijken actually. Dus ik had gisteren een leuke ochtend !

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