You can be anything you want

I wanna be a Rock Star
I wanna be a Rock Star – a cafe in Notting Hill

If you 2 years ago would have said that I would live in London today I would have said you were crazy.
But there you go, it happened.

If you one and a half year ago would have said that I would go to a Bob Dylan concert I would have said you were crazy.
But there you go, I am going this evening.

I read the set list for the concert Uncle Bob gave yesterday here in London and he is not playing any of my favourites songs. I’ll give him a call today, I mean how can he not play A Simple Twist of Fate and Meet me in the Morning. I still think it’s going to be a great concert though.

If you one year ago would have said that I would have written a script for a 12 minute short film, and better, would have received a surprisingly (for me that is) good mark for it, I would have asked you if you’d hit your head against the wall or something.
But there you go, I did.

I got my mark in the post last Friday , it still has to be marked by the other independent tutor, hence the wait until July for the final result. But this gives me some information I desperately needed:

I can write.
Someone who is qualified to say so has called my work well written and “very funny and romantic”. Which is good because I love to write things that are funny and romantic.

It’s not a big achievement or anything but it gives me some much needed confidence to continue to write. I am in the process of joining a writers group in London to hook up with some like minded people. And I am now definitely going to apply for the Masters course for 2008, I am writing on my next story already as you could have figured from yesterdays post.

If you today would say that life is predictable, I would say that you are crazy.

And I would like to say one more thing to all of you out there:
if you put your heart in it, you can be anything you want.

Even a Rock Star.

4 thoughts to “You can be anything you want”

  1. All this has put a big smile on my face. And congratulations on your good mark! :D

  2. Thank you, but this is not meant to be a “Let’s fish for some compliments” post, as I am really not that type.

    I just meant to say that you can be anything you want :) Might be it inspires people, as other people have inspired me.

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