Bugger doesn’t cover it

Here is my day:

  • I stood up rather early to make some last changes to my script when my pc crashed. It died.
  • My Windows XP installation/repair CD is somewhere in a box in Denmark
  • I didn’t have any backups of scripts, and postcards. YES I KNOW THAT IS STUPID!
  • To not go completely mad I decided to take the bus to cinema. The bus driver turns out to be the jerk of the month.
  • The film I wanted to see was sold out.
  • I saw The Simpsons movie in stead and didn’t find it funny at at all.
  • I spilled coke on my shirt.
  • It’s cold in London, I have been freezing my butt off two evenings in a row waiting in the rain for the bus!

So what’s the good news?
I don’t know, you tell me!

(Sunday morning update: Pfew. I picked up an Windows XP cd at the office reinstalled it. Even though it gave me loads of error messages, I was able to get some kind of Windows installed, and saved scripts and postcards. I think the hard disk is rotten, but today is a good day!)